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Yes, we offer a bespoke service where everything can be custom designed to suit your occasion and outfit.

Just send us a message and have a chat about what you would like created, for what budget and which date.
You initiate the process of a custom design by paying a custom piece deposit of $100. The link to which is below:


Yes! The gift of being able to have your own custom designed hat or fascinator is a gift that any stylish lady will adore. Contact us to buy a gift certificate today.

To measure your head for a hat, place a measuring tape around your head, slightly above your ears, on the upper-part of your forehead where the hat will sit and ensuring the widest part of your head is included.

Try to ensure the brim is worn at angle, tipped slightly to one side. The back of the hat should be at the base of your skull and sitting comfortably on your forehead.

Headpieces & Fascinators
- The piece should sit as it does in the photo on the website, cocked to the side of the head, and partially on the forehead. Choose the side that is best for you, a good way to work out where you think it looks best is to move the headpiece around while looking in a mirror to get the perfect position.
- Fascinators that fasten with a comb should be attached so the comb's teeth point towards the face, fine haired ladies should consider teasing their hair for a better grip or additionally fastening the piece with bobby pins.
- If elasticated the elastic should be hidden, sitting behind your ears and around the back of your head. Lift the elastic away from your head (just under your ear) and use a comb to brush your hair out.

Headpieces are available upon request and the hire price is 30% of the value of the piece.

The headpiece is purchased outright through the normal process on the website with - for hire- written in the comments section. You then have a week to use the piece then return it. Once the piece has been received back to us you will receive all monies back minus the hire fee and the shipping and handling.

Sales pieces are not for hire.

You should contact us individually for custom designed hat/fascinator/headpieces we will then discuss the design and level of difficulty for your creation to be made. No order should take longer than 6 weeks of ordering but a more exact date can be supplied upon contact. If you have a special date coming up that you need your headpiece for, please let us know in advance, and we'll do our best to help you.

There is a style out there for everyone! You need to find the one that suits your face shape and body shape. It is best to start by trying on different styles and getting an idea for what you like and makes you look best.

Here is a guideline for styles that suit different face shapes:
- Square / Oval: Will suit any hat, fascinator or headpiece.
- Heart-shaped: Most hats will suit you, although a medium-sized brim (rather than a wide brim) will help to prevent the jaw line from looking too narrow. Fascinators and headpieces are easily worn.
- Narrow: A hat that has a wide brim will offset the length of a long face. Tall brims should be avoided. Fascinators will suit you too.
- Round: Balance a round face with a hat that has a good, high crown and a decent brim. A short crown and small brim will make your face look more round. Experiment with headpieces and fascinators.

Due to the delicate, made-to-order nature of our business, we do accept returns for an exchange if the piece does not suit but only within 7 days. If a product is faulty, or was damaged in transit please return it in original packaging within 7 days of receipt to be repaired if possible.

Sorry, we don't copy hats/fascinators from photos. When another designer has come up with something we don't like to copy it we can take inspiration from a photo but that is all.

This depends on the country and state you're having the hat/fascinator shipped to as customs duty and taxes differ from country to country. Contact your local customs office if you're unsure of any applicable taxes and customs charges. Please note that customs duty or local tax is not included in the price.
Note: For Australian buyers, there are no customs charges or taxes on orders under AUD $1,000.

Custom designs available. Contact us on mvbmillinery@gmail.com